6th International Conference on E-Governance

ICEG 2008

Vishwakarma Bhawan, DMS, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India

18 - 20 December, 2008

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Hosts Computer Society of India Special Interest Group on E-governance
Supported by Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi  

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Citizen-Centric E-Governance Workshop

In today's world, where accountability and performance measurements form the basis of Governments, where good governance is defined by transparent and clearly defined laws, where both citizens and govt. bodies need access to information and communication resources, eGovernance plays a very important

E-Governance can thus help improve government processes, connect its citizens, and build inter-linkages within the Government bodies and its clients, thereby, paving way for Simple Moral Accountable Responsive Transparent (SMART) governance.

In order for a Government to achieve these goals it must communicate and transact well with its clients, predominantly its citizens. For E-Governance to be transformational, it must collapse the existing political and
historical structures to construct a Government-citizen network.

In the recent years, there have been many E-Governance programs aimed at various segments of society. Similarly, there are various E-Governance conferences that showcase E-Governance initiative and the work done in implementing various schemes.

This workshop is different!
EGIL will host a citizen-centric workshop on eGovernance as a part of the 6th International Conference on eGovernance (ICEG 2008) at DMS, IIT-Delhi.

This workshop aims at giving a platform to the citizens what they want eGovernance to be? The services they would want the Government to provide using IT and the internet.

The citizen here could be an individual, a family, a small or large business, or some other entity that has to deal with government.

For this workshop, we invite individual citizens, or citizen groups, to submit their proposals /ideas.

The proposal should be no more than two pages long (Max 2 pages) and should contain the following:
   - An expressive title
   - The motivation for the proposed service
   - The current state of affairs with respect to this service in India (and elsewhere in the world, if known)
   - Who will benefit if the service is E-delivered
   - Some estimate of the overall benefits to the society/economy at large

The proposals will be screened by a committee to evaluate the impact of the proposed scheme and its feasibility.

The best six proposals will be invited for presentation. The best proposal would be awarded a prize by the evaluation committee.

Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 8th December 2008
Deadline for informing the submitters about the outcome: 9th December 2008
Deadline for submitting the final version of the note and presentation: 12th December 2008
Date of the workshop: 19 December 2008

Submission Details

Two page long proposal to be submitted in word format only to the following email address - [email protected]


In case of any queries please contact Saurabh Kaura on

011-26581028 (Office)

09899877845 (Mobile)




Affiliated Journal: International Journal of Electronic Governance, (IJEG), ISSN (Online): 1742-7517 - ISSN (Print) : 1742-7509

Published by: Inderscience Publishers

Journal's webpage: http://www.inderscience.com/ijeg


Editor in Chief: Prof. Panagiotis Georgiadis, University of Athens

Executive Editor: Prof. Dimitris Gouscos, University of Athens


E-Governance Innovation Lab


The E-Governance Innovation Laboratory has been set-up at IIT-Delhi under an agreement between Microsoft, National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) and IIT Delhi to enable research and solution frameworks for Governments in jointly identified areas. Currently, the following projects are underway at EGIL


  • Managing secured Documents for eGovernance

  • SOA-based Architecture for eGovernance

  • Building a CMM-like model for assessing the maturity of e-Governance

  • Optimisation and Standardisation of repetitive Government processes

  • Automatic File Tracking for eGovernance

  • BPR in eGovernance

  • Opportunistic Communication and Authentication Framework for e-Governance




Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 

Department of Information Technology