International Congress of E-government (ICEG) would be developing closure relationships with similar society for the larger benefits of the members and organizations.

Currently ICEG has advantage of accessing all the resources of Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ( as its Strategic Professional Unit (SPU).

ICEG would welcome other conferences or organizations to build an understanding where each other activities would be endorsed and also exchange logos, hotlinks and printed materials. We should take care that a central purpose serves the goals of ICEG Members.

An understanding for affiliation may involve:

  • discounted registration or discounted membership to ICEG members;
  • display of the ICEG name and logo on conference or organization materials; display as "In association with..." followed by the ICEG logo.
  • conference announcement and hotlink displayed on the ICEG Newsletter and ICEG Conferences web page;
  • insertion of ICEG printed materials in the relating conference's registration packages, and vice versa.