Membership Fee



Corporate organizations are welcome to be partner in promoting e-governance at global level through ICEG. There are several kinds of benefits that include appropriate publicity outlets, sponsoring opportunity to ICEG events, free access to ICEG resources etc. Affiliate societies are also being negotiated to offer joint benefits to member organizations.

Membership Fee (in US $)
Annual Fee Fee for 5 years Fee for Life membershi Benefits
Corporate 1000 $ 5000 $ 10000 $
  • Sponsorship opportunity of the events organized by ICEG. That means only corporate members of ICEG are allowed to participate in sponsoring ICEG events.
  • Free ICEG resources to five 5 persons identified by the organization. Resources may include free registration in the events of ICEG and free copies ICEG publications.
  • Members list is displayed at the appropriate places wherever ICEG is projected as society (e.g. website, publications and events).
  • The above and many other benefits announced time to time are applicable for the period of membership chosen.